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AltcoinWeekly - Issue #98

Issue #98

10 - 16 October 2015 

Bitcoin price is moving up again! This is a pleasant surprise and seems to have originated from China with exchanges in China reporting huge volumes in recent days.

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Bitcoin Price


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Latest News

Capital Controls Blowback? Bitcoin Surges Back To Pre-China-Currency Wars Levels

At $267, Bitcoin has retraced the entire plunge from China's initial devaluation entry into the currency wars and the Black Monday dump. It appears, just as we warned, that China's increasing crackdown on its - until now lax - capital controls has spurred demand for alternate 'currencies' that remain out of the control (for now) of governments - like gold... and bitcoin.

Introducing Liquid: Bitcoin's First Production Sidechain

Blockstream, in collaboration with an initial set of launch partners (Bitfinex, BTCC, Kraken, Unocoin, Xapo), is excited to announce Liquid, our first production sidechain. Liquid will improve capital efficiency and market liquidity by facilitating rapid and secure transfers between accounts held at any participating exchange or brokerage.

Bitcoin Startup Bitreserve Changes Name and Moves Beyond Bitcoin

Bitreserve relaunches with a new name, Uphold, and new options beyond bitcoin.


21 Inc Bitcoin Computer Could Change How Internet Works

The 21 Bitcoin Computer could be the first step towards making sure every computing device is Bitcoin compatible by default.

Bitcoin XT Helped People Learn About Bitcoin Governance

The implementation of BIP 101 in Bitcoin XT has essentially split the community in half, but it also created a new conversation around Bitcoin governance.


Debunking the 11 Most Stubborn Lightning Network Myths

Aaron van Wirdum addresses the 11 myths surrounding the Bitcoin Lightning Network.

Ponzi Accusations Fly As BanxShares Is Set To Be Removed From CoinMarketCap Rankings

BanxShares are set to be removed from CoinMarketCap as accusations that the company is running a Ponzi Scheme continue.

Bitcoin Mini - Full Node, Wallet, and Blockchain UI

Run a Bitcoin Full Node using this Raspberry Pi 2 plug-and-play device for only US$149.


The Bitcoin “Formula”: Energy / Time = “Truth”

Bitcoin is an Information Network backed by Energy / Time ( = Power). Bitcoin is “backed” by electricity and time. Bitcoin secures information by converting power into security.


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