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AltcoinWeekly - Issue #89

Issue #89

8 - 14 August 2015 

This week the top news is about the many Bitcoin companies that choose to stop serving New York residents because of the BitLicense. This is a sad consequence of regulations throttling innovations. Some top Bitcoin companies that choose to stop serving New York residents: Kraken, Poloniex, Shapeshift, BitFinex, Rebit.ph, Genesis Mining and the list goes on.

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Latest News

BitLicense Round-Up: Who’s Left Standing in New York

CoinDesk is keeping track of both the companies that apply for a BitLicense and those that decide to cease operating in New York state.

Bitcoin Exchange bitFlyer Raises $4 Million in New Funding

BitFlyer has raised approximately 510m JPY ($4m) through third-party allotment, which entails issuing new shares to a limited number of investors.


Banks and the use of Blockchain Technology

Dave Shin, an investment banker with Barclays draws the following parallels between financial markets and blockchain technology:

  1. Securities = Digital assets/tokens
  2. Trades = Transactions in the Blockchain
  3. Positions = Valuation based on price feeds/market data
  4. Booking systems = User Interface/Blockchain
  5. Settlement/Payment systems = Ripple

Blockchain Technology Is Our Chance To Rebuild The Internet In A Way That Benefits Creators

Blockchain technology could allow us to reinvent the Internet in a way that provides the proper credit and attribution to content creators while facilitating the usage of sharing and building upon their works in a way that benefits everyone.


Former Qualcomm Engineer: 21 Inc's Plans Make No Sense

Peernova's Dave Hudson does not see how 21 Inc's plans for distributed bitcoin mining in household appliances makes any sense.

Tau Chain: A ‘Decentralized App Store’ with Greater Flexibility than Ethereum

Tau Chain is a decentralized peer-to-peer network that claims Ethereum’s Turing completeness is the wrong direction as it is undecidable logic and missing an intricate part: proof of language.


Startup exodus from New York highlights BitLicense’s threat to innovation

Not surprisingly, a number of Bitcoin businesses announced that they would cease operations in the state rather than apply for a bitlicense.

The 10 Most Ridiculous "Gotcha's" in the NY BitLicense Application

Top 10 things gotcha's of the New York BitLicense.

The Real Cost of Applying for a New York BitLicense

CoinDesk has spoken to various bitcoin companies to breakdown the cost of the BitLicense application process both in monetary and non-monetary terms.

How Does US Law Apply to Foreign Cryptocurrency Companies?

Civil and criminal lawyer Jared Marx explains how US law applies to non-US cryptocurrency companies.


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