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AltcoinWeekly - Issue #105

Issue #105

28 November - 4 December 2015 

Bitcoin price is moving up to nearly $400 as I am writing this. Also the Scaling Bitcoin conference is happening in Hong Kong now. If you are free, you should watch the live telecast from the links on this Reddit thread.

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Bitcoin Price



The Latin America Bitcoin Conference is happening on 4-5 December 2015 in Mexico! Featuring top speakers such as Andreas Antonopoulos, Erik Voorhees, Juan Llanos, Marco Santori and many more, this is a conference you would not want to miss. Register today!


Latest News

Variety Jones, Alleged Silk Road Mentor, Arrested in Thailand

Variety Jones, the alleged mentor and adviser to the Silk Road's creator, has finally been arrested in Thailand.

Goldman Sachs Seeking Crypto Trade Settlement Patent

Goldman Sachs filed a patent application earlier this month for a securities settlement system based on a new cryptocurrency called “SETLcoin”.

Blockchain Startup Chain Kills Free Bitcoin API Service

Blockchain technology startup Chain will be shutting down its free bitcoin API service at the end of this year. This follows the same move that Neuroware did couple months back.


Sia Launches Decentralized Blockchain-based Storage Platform Similar to Filecoin and Storj

Decentralized cloud file hosting service operator Sia has announced the launch of an automated peer-to-peer blockchain-based collaborative cloud for data storage. Similar to decentralized storage projects Filecoin and Storj, Sia aims to create a trustless, fault-tolerant, file storage service.

Dogecoin Startup Goes Open Source as Creator Says ‘Peace Out’

Dogetipbot has announced it will go open-source just over one year after raising $445,000 from investors including Blackbird Ventures.

Hands On With Visa Europe's Bitcoin Remittance App

Visa Europe Collab walked us through the bitcoin remittances proof-of-concept prototype they built with the startup Epiphyte.

Mycelium is close to launching its bitcoin hardware wallet

Changes made this week to Mycelium.com show a new landing page, showing off the new bitcoin hardware wallet, called the Mycelium Card. Additionally new videos have been released showing off the new wallet and how it works.


Bitcoin Mining Titan BitFury: No to BIP 101, Yes to Block-size Consensus | Bitcoin Magazine

The largest mining pool outside of China, controlling some 15 percent of hashing power on the Bitcoin network, maintains that it won't change its code to allow for bigger blocks through a solution that's not broadly accepted by the Bitcoin community – such as BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) 101. “We will not use a solution if it is not based on a consensus among the Bitcoin community, as we think the idea of consensus is central to the Bitcoin protocol,”

Bitcoin Mining Pool F2Pool (Discus Fish) Maintains: BIP 101 Not an Option

F2Pool, the world's largest Bitcoin mining pool, maintains that changing its code to allow bigger blocks through BIP 101 or Bitcoin XT is not an option.


Lightning Network Implementation ‘Amiko Pay’ Currently in Development

Plooy recently gave a presentation on his alternative implementation, Amiko Pay, at Scaling Bitcoin Montreal. During his talk, Plooy noted: “If you look at the basic design of the Lightning Network -- a network of payment channels. This is actually quite an old idea. There have been several variations of this, and the Lightning Network just happens to be the best so far.”

Rootstock as a low­cost BTC payment network

RootStock is a smart-contract peer-to-peer platform built on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain. It goal is to add Value and Functionality to the core Bitcoin network by the implementation of sophisticated smart contracts as a Sidechain.


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