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AltcoinWeekly - Issue #104

Issue #104

21 - 27 November 2015 

Bitcoin price went on a hike in speculation that interest rates in European countries are heading further into negative territory. This is highly unconventional monetary policy that central bankers are taking lately.

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Bitcoin Price



The Latin America Bitcoin Conference is happening on 4-5 December 2015 in Mexico! Featuring top speakers such as Andreas Antonopoulos, Erik Voorhees, Juan Llanos, Marco Santori and many more, this is a conference you would not want to miss. Register today!


Latest News

Kenyan High Court Hears BitPesa Case Against Safaricom

The Kenyan High Court heard a case brought by bitcoin startup BitPesa against mobile money giant Safaricom two days ago.

Bitnation and Estonian government start spreading sovereign jurisdiction on the blockchain

Starting December 1 2015, the blockchain notary service will allow e-residents, regardless of where they live or do business, to notarise their marriages, birth certificates, business contracts and more, on the blockchain.


Lloyd's Sees Blockchain's Potential For Insurance Markets

Lloyd's held a seminar in London last week to highlight blockchain technology to insurance market participants as part of their modernisation plan.

Peter Todd's RBF (Replace-By-Fee) is being merged into Bitcoin Core

This thread in Reddit summarizes all the serious questions and issues regarding Peter Todd's "Opt-In Full RBF" proposal that is being merged into Bitcoin Core.


21 Bitcoin Computer - the Macintosh of Bitcoin

Piotr Piasecki reviews the 21 Bitcoin Computer.


Andresen and Maxwell: Bitcoin Transaction Fees to Rise

Bitcoin Core developers Gavin Andresen and Greg Maxwell agree that transaction fees are set to rise over the short term.

Gavin Andresen: I Might Take Over Lead of Bitcoin XT

With Mike Hearn taking a step back from Bitcoin development to work for private blockchain startup R3, former Bitcoin Core lead developer Gavin Andresen indicated he might take over the lead of Bitcoin XT, the Bitcoin implementation programmed to increase the block-size limit through BIP (Bitcoin Improvement Proposal) 101.

How the Magic of IBLTs Could Boost Bitcoin's Decentralization

One of the most promising innovations is the Invertible Bloom Lookup Table, or IBLTs. First introduced by Bitcoin XT and Bitcoin Core developer Gavin Andresen, this idea was picked up and is currently worked on as a side-project by Linux veteran and Blockstream's Lightning Network developer Paul “Rusty” Russell.


Russia's Finance Ministry Wants to Ban Bitcoin, Not the Blockchain

In a new interview with CoinDesk, Russia's Ministry of Finance opened up about bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Swift: Bitcoin Regulation in the EU Won't Happen Soon

The possibility of regulating cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin in the European Union (EU) is still a long way away, according to a new report.

BIS: Digital Currencies Could Hurt Central Bank Revenues

Digital currencies could disrupt the ability to central banks to oversee the economy or issue money should global adoption take place, says the BIS.


How to destroy bitcoins?

We know how bitcoins are created, but how can they be destroyed?

21 - A Crawler for the Machine-Payable Web

In this tutorial by 21 Inc, they show how to set up a crawler that checks the status of bitcoin-payable endpoints as a scheduled job. They call these "402 endpoints" after the famous HTTP Error 402: Payment Required that was built into web browsers from the beginning.


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