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Altcoin Weekly Newsletter #10
The latest altcoin news for 1 - 7 Feb 2014.
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Newsletter #10

1 - 7 Feb 2014

Hi folks! This week has seen a lot of negative news surrounding bitcoin and this affected the price as a result. I think the most interesting thing that happened this week is that an iPhone user went off to shoot his iPhone (yes, literally shoot!) after Apple banned the Blockchain app on iOS. I am an iPhone user and I’m getting fed up of Apple being unfriendly with bitcoin apps. If Apple continues with such policies in the following years, I would like to shoot off my iPhone as well.

Anyway, with all this volatility going on, I am looking understand the market further with technical analysis and do a potential feature in the newsletter. If you have any experience with bitcoin/altcoin day-trading and/or algorithmic trading using any sort of technical analysis, do kindly hit the Reply button and write to me. I would love to hear and learn from you so do write back. Thank you!

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